Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Featured | Winter Romance Wedding in Clarksville TN - By Shea Photography

Featured by Clarksville Brides: Winter Romance in Clarksville TN - By Shea Photography
 Meredith and Jordan hosted a romantic winter wedding held at The Belle Hollow in Clarksville, TN. After seeing this affair, I'm going to vote that more brides choose winter and all it's charm for their "theme"!

Surrounded by evergreen pine, candles, and hints of glamour... you couldn't help but feel the love. This day oozed romance. The couple only added to the atmosphere with their high school sweetheart story. Meredith even wore her high school prom shoes from their first big date! Can't get much sweeter than that.

Photographer : By Shea Photography

Monday, February 2, 2015

Unplugged | Let the love be the focus

  You may have heard the buzzword “unplugged” with brides and photographers
about wedding ceremonies over the last couple of years. What IS an unplugged
wedding? Basically, the couple formally asks their guests to put away their cell phones
and cameras during the ceremony so that everyone
can be “in the moment” with you as you share your
vows and exchange your rings. Professional photos
can be- and have been- ruined by guests standing in
the way or having their camera flashes go off at
inopportune times. Not to mention that you have
probably spent a pretty penny on your professional
photographer, who will surely be getting fabulous
shots throughout the ceremony. 

Sounds great, right? Here are a few to tips to help UnPlug your Wedding

1. Include it in your program.
If you are planning to have a program, include a note
mentioning something like
“We invite you to be present with us during our ceremony. Please leave the photo and video taking up to the professionals. Sit back, laugh, cry, and be completely with us as we commit our love.

2. Post a sign
Posting a sign at the entrance to ceremony can let guest know your preference and also let you have fun getting crafty!

3. Ask the officiant to make an announcement.
The easiest way to ensure that guests know what you prefer is to have your officiant make a small announcement shortly before the ceremony begins. This way your lovely Uncle Bob can’t pretend that he didn’t see the program and make your ceremony extra special with his 1980’s camcorder.

4. Set them free at the reception
If you know that your guests can’t and won’t enjoy the party without getting it all on camera, let them go for it at the reception! This is the time for selfies, Snapchats, and copious Instagram posts. You can even set up a custom #hashtag for your wedding genius!

Some brides can’t imagine asking this of their friends and family. They love that everyone wants to help document their day. But, for those who want to keep it all about the moment - having an unplugged wedding can help ensure that your day is as love filled and as photo bomb free as possible. 

- Mary Satterlee, Ruby June Photography 
    This article can be also found in the 2015 issue of the Clarksville Brides magazine.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alison + JW: The Planner Featured Wedding: Alison + JW

Alison and JW hired Every Detail Events by Amber to coordinate their wedding day. "It was such a pleasure to coordinate Alison and JW's wedding day. They were the sweetest couple and had an amazing wedding party! Alison was so organized and had everything laid out for me to coordinate their wedding exactly as she wanted it! I loved everything about their wedding from the tree planting part of their ceremony to the bouquets and centerpieces! It was such a pleasure and a great time to coordinate their wedding for them!" -Amber Hoard, Every Detail Events by Amber

(photos by Elizabeth Thompson Photography)

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Every Detail Events by Amber
Phone: 931-436-1461

Alison + JW: The Venue Featured Wedding: Alison + JW

Alison and JW held their wedding day at Freedom Point Pavilion. Their ceremony took place under the pavilion, with their reception inside.

If you're looking for more info about Freedom Point, click here to visit their Featured Venue page on

(photos by Elizabeth Thompson Photography)

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Freedom Point Pavilion
Address: 1188 Cumberland Drive, Clarksville, TN 37040
Contact Clarksville Parks and Recreation
Phone: 931-645-7476

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alison + JW: The Florist Featured Wedding: Alison + JW

Alison and JW got their flowers, including Alison's fabulous bridal bouquet (see photos below), from Sango Village Florist. "The experienced florists at Sango Village Florist can be trusted to create the ideal flower arrangement for your special occasion...Every bouquet from Sango Village Florist is carefully arranged with the freshest flowers in Clarksville..."

(photos by Elizabeth Thompson Photography)

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Sango Village Florist
3381 Hwy 41A South
Clarksville, TN 37043
Phone: (931)358-3300

Monday, June 30, 2014

Alison + JW: The DJ & Photobooth Featured Wedding: Alison + JW

Alison and JW hired We Bring the Party Events to provide DJ Services and a Photo Booth for their wedding day. We Bring the Party Events offers a range of services and solutions for any event including DJ Services, Photobooths, and Event Lighting. "Congrats to JW and Alison. The new Bryant's were a real pleasure to work with!" -We Bring the Party Events,

We Bring the Party Events provides the experience and professionalism to make your event easier and better! Be sure to check out their website,,  for more details about their services.

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We Bring the Party Events
Michael + Ellen Emrick
Phone: 931-220-3750

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alison + JW: The Photographer Featured Wedding: Alison + JW

We've posted a NEW featured wedding, highlighting Alison and JW's wedding day! Alison and JW hired Elizabeth Thompson Photography to photograph their wedding day. “Alison and JW are one of the sweetest, and most fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their wedding day was easygoing and enjoyable for everyone involved. Of course it always helps when a couple is so head over heels in love like JW and Alison. I cannot say enough about this beautiful couple. I know their years together will be filled with love and laughter!” -Elizabeth Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson Photography

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Elizabeth Thompson Photography
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