Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diane Nolan - "I DO" Weddings

"I DO" Weddings was started to help brides and grooms make the best of their special day without all the hassle and drama surrounding them. We can begin with them when they first become engaged or even help at the last minute; of course, that depends if we have their date open.

My husband and I pastor the Clarksville Church of God. We have been in Clarksville for 3 years as of October 16. We have pastored from Hawaii to Alaska and points in between. As a team, we have done over 176 weddings. We were very honored to have both our sons ask us to perform their weddings.

The Hansen-Hardin wedding was done for under $6,000. It was very elegant yet inexpensive; everything the bride and groom wanted. We were able to decorate the reception with beautiful silk flowers, linens, etc. and it was a wonderful setting. We had live flowers in the Sanctuary and thanks to Four Seasons Florist for a great job on the bouquets, altar flowers...everything. Carols Cakes and Moore did a tremendous job on the wedding cake especially the flowers that decorated the cake on each layer. I have a wonderful team that I work with and everything was done to perfection.

At "I DO" Weddings, we can offer any service that a bride is looking for or we can help plan just a party event. Packages can be customized to fit the budget of any size.

Photo courtesy of Digital Diamonds Photography.

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