Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome Wallflower Wedding Photography!

Hello Clarksville,
We are Wallflower Wedding Photography and are a new wedding photography business which services the Clarksville and Nashville area. My wife, Shellene, is our lead photographer and I am Bill, the equipment and lighting manager. We also have a wonderful second photographer, Jen, who is present at all of our weddings. Shel, as most people call her, has three and a half years of experience as a wedding photographer and has pretty much been attached to a camera all of her life. Jen has been a photographer for 2 years and also loves capturing special images.
Shel's style is mainly photo-journalistic, hence, the name of our business "Wallflower". We realize the center of attention at any wedding is the bride and the groom, so we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible as we capture the images of your very special day. Since we just opened a few months ago we are offering our services at an introductory rate and look forward to you contacting us. Rest assured, though we are new, we are more then capable of providing you the professional images you deserve, as you can see in our website.

Bill and Shellene
Wallflower Wedding Photography
Phone: 931-624-9195