Saturday, January 4, 2014

Melanie & Steven: The Photographer Featured Wedding: Melanie & Steven

We've posted a NEW featured wedding, highlighting Melanie and Steven's wedding day! Melanie and Steven hired Bethany Ann Photography to photograph their wedding day. “Melanie & Steven were married on a day that was supposed to be rainy and cloudy, but it ended up being sunny and warm. All of the details came together effortlessly.

I mean effortlessly in that from the outside, it looked as if every little item made it exactly where Melanie & Steven envisioned for months. I don’t want to downplay it. I know that every wedding requires a ton effort, blood, sweat, and probably tears, too. It’s just that, for this wedding, Melanie & Steven, and their family & friends, made the day appear, and feel effortless. A feeling of calm seemed to float in the air for everyone. It was a happy day, a day that Melanie & Steven will tell their grandchildren about...Thank you, Melanie & Steven! You two are insanely adorable with sincere hearts. It was a joy to watch you begin the rest of your lives together!” - Bethany, Bethany Ann Photography

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