Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome Those Card Folks!

Welcome to our newest member, Those Card Folks! Alecia & Michael of Those Card Folks use the SendOutCards system to help you organize all of your wedding communications from start to finish!

"Getting involved with seemed a very natural fit for us, as we are currently planning our own wedding (scheduled for 10/1/11)! We recognized early on how challenging it can be to manage all our wedding communications - it didn't stop with the wedding invitations! We wanted to send out an engagement announcement that captured the romantic setting in which is happened - in Moab, Utah near the beautiful arches. (click on images to enlarge)
Once we picked a date, we needed to send out a Save the Date Card, and since we were planning a destination wedding, we wanted something that fit our beach theme! So we put together a Save the Date postcard!We even used the system to create our own wedding invitations - using an actual photo of the beach where we will be married! To us, one of the key benefits to the SendOutCards system is the ability to manage ALL our wedding communications in one place! We entered (or uploaded) our addresses once! We even categorized our contacts for easier sorting (family, friends, co-workers, bridal party, etc.). This allowed us to create special communications and send to specific groups of people - all with just the click of a button.

We created these wonderful cards and postcards online, from the convenience of our home - and SendOutCards prints, stuffs, addresses, stamps and mails the card for us! We even had the option of creating our own handwriting font and using our own signatures for additional personalization! This has saved us so much time already! Wait until it comes time to do our thank you cards! We can personalize each and every one of them - even include some pictures from the special day!Once the wedding event is done, we will continue to use the SendOutCards system to send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc., - all for a fraction of the cost of store bought greeting cards!" -Alecia & Michael, Those Card Folks

Those Card Folks
Phone: Alecia: 931-809-0089 or Michael: 931-801-9401

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