Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gown Shoot: The Planner

Happy June! Today we're wrapping up our coverage of the newest gown shoot by Katie Wright Photography. Debra Harris, of Visions by Debra, coordinated (and modeled for) the fabulous new shoot. We were short on models and Debra volunteered herself (see photo to left) to help out the shoot any way she could! Debra donned some beautiful mother of the bride dresses for the photographs and the fact that she was willing to do anything to make the gown shoot a success is really a testament to her dedication to her work. "A great wedding planner is resourceful, can think on her feet, adapt to changing situations and get the job done in spite of unforeseen circumstances. That’s the very definition of Debra Harris."

Debra is not only a fabulous model, she's a fabulous planner! Contact Visions by Debra today to see how they can turn your dream wedding into a reality!

Visions by Debra
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