Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spotlight on Yvonne Chamberlain Photography

Wondering what to get your fiance for his birthday? or a gift for no reason at all? Consider the newest line of studio photography at Yvonne Chamberlain Photography. It's called Bare Simplicity. Tasteful, boudoir photography designed to enhance your beauty and sexuality. The Bare Simplicity package fee includes private studio time with up to 3 outfits. The key word is tasteful and everything is done at your comfort level. It also includes a credit toward prints or novelty items such as a calendar or playing cards. The proof box novelty item contains 20 5x7 images from your session with one of your selection on the outside.
What a unique, personal and romantic gift for your husband-to-be!
Contact Yvonne Chamberlain Photography today at 931-553-8010 to learn more about Bare Simplicity or to inquire about their couples boudoir sessions.
Samples of Bare Simplicity sessions can be found on Yvonne's Blog and you can learn about her Wedding Photography at her Website.

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