Friday, March 11, 2011

Brides Giving Back

With everything going on in Japan right now, I'm going to pause from our normal posting to blog about giving back. There are so many less fortunate people out there who need help - your wedding day is special, so why not use that special day to help others. Charity is contagious - if your guests see you giving back, they will be more encouraged to do the same. There are many ways for you to help, and I've listed a few below:

Brides Against Breast Cancer - you can purchase a wedding gown & proceeds are donated to Making Memories or you can donate your used gown

I Do Foundation - create a charity registry, create an online registry where 10% of purchases are donated to your favorite charity, etc

Charity Wedding Favors

Charity Gift Cards

-Ask your wedding vendors if they ever donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. For example, last October, several members recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating a portion of their proceeds to a local breast cancer awareness group

There are TONS of charity wedding ideas out there online - take some time to look around and see what works for you!

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