Monday, March 7, 2011

Fav Flav

I LOVE CAKE! But really, who doesn't, right? Asking me what my favorite flavor is, is like asking me what my favorite Led Zeppelin song is...I just can't choose! If any of you brides out there have the same issue (with cake, not classic rock), no worries! Your wedding cake doesn't have to be just one flavor! Last fall, Verna Chlupsa, The Cake Artist, created a beautiful cake for Andrea & James, each layer composed of a different favorite flavor. There was an orange tier, a lime tier, and a vanilla with raspberry filling tier.

I think a great benefit of having different flavors is the ability to appeal to more of your guests taste buds. As each tier was sliced and served, guests were excited to see what flavor came next! And if, for example, your Aunt Sally doesn't like lime, that's okay! She can enjoy a nice slice of orange cake instead. :)

To find out your favorite flavors, contact The Cake Artist today for a tasting!

(photos by Bethany Ann Photography)

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